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QM as a Melioristic Model

(We Make the World Better)

There is an essential point that may sometimes get lost in our many examples of the harm caused by behaving from a pre-Human mind: throughout evolution and human history, we are moving toward becoming more loving and better people; i.e., more Human-minded.

The quadrune mind model is a melioristic model, meaning it tells us that through our efforts to help each other become more Human, we make the world a better place.

We talk about the prevalence of the pre-Human minds because it is the best explanation of the negative thoughts and behaviors that we often see around us and are often erroneously attributed to “human nature.” But the quadrune mind model teaches us that these harmful behaviors are actually not our human nature–our Human nature is to reduce suffering and increase healing for all living beings. The quadrune mind model is extremely optimistic about what we as humans are capable of.

Even more importantly, through our work to create supportive, safe, and loving relationships, we make the world a more Human-minded place overall. Significantly, the world is becoming a better place for people on average.

Most people think the world is worse now that it was in the past. In fact, only six percent of Americans think things are getting better. But when looked at objectively, those 94 percent who don’t see the world improving are wrong.

According to Our World in Data, every measure of human material well-being has improved: we have less global poverty, more literacy, better health, more freedom, and better education as a species overall now than in the past.

It could be tempting to think that technology is solely to thank for these improvements in human life. However, technology is value neutral–it can just as easily be used to harm people (nuclear weapons, cyberattacks) as it can be to heal people. We believe that the quadrune mind model provides a more accurate explanation for why life is becoming better. People are becoming better at taking care of each other because of the amazing gift of our Human mind.

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Thank you for an informed perspective relative to what it means to be a Human Being. When we show evidence of caring for one another, we know that we are on the right path. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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