Tom F. Shadid, Ph.D. has taught dozens of presentations on the quadrune mind model in its various forms since 1997. He has also led small discussion groups in which participants meet over multiple weeks to delve more deeply into the model.

Dr. Shadid has presented to groups ranging from graduate students to elementary school counselors; from the Oklahoma Homeless Network in Tulsa to the Harvard Club of Oklahoma City. He presented the model at the National Organization for Human Service’s Anatomy of the Human Spirit conference in Houston, Texas and to the Mental Health Association in Oklahoma County. He has taught the model at St. Anthony Behavioral Medicine Center, Catholic Charities, Francis Tuttle Technology Center, St. Gregory’s University, St. Francis of the Woods Chapel, and Moore-Norman Technology Center.

Because the quadrune mind model examines how we can find spiritual meaning and fulfillment in every aspect of our lives, it is well-suited for groups of any kind.

Quadrune Mind model presentations can be customized to fit your group’s specific needs and goals. For example, the quadrune mind can help corporate employees work more humanely; religious organizations build more compassionate communities; educators better understand how children and teens think; and mindfulness practitioners find greater joy. Anyone interested in personal growth and improving society will find plenty of information that can be put into practice to help them on their journey.

We are based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and are available for presentations and workshops across the United States and Canada. Presentations provide foundational information on the quadrune mind model in a lecture format, while workshops incorporate interactive activities and additional discussion opportunities. Multi-week discussion groups are available in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metropolitan areas.

For more information or to schedule a presentation, workshop, or discussion class for your company, organization, or small group, please contact Dr. Shadid at

Presentations and workshops will focus on the following goals:

  1. Learn the philosophy of Paul MacLean’s approach to brain research and evaluate the structural and functional usefulness of his triune brain model.
  2. Possess a working understanding of the quadrune mind model of consciousness.
  3. Use the question, “How is it neurologically possible that…?” to examine consciousness.
  4. Appreciate the difference between intelligence and consciousness.
  5. Describe how the quadrune mind relates to the evolutionary history of the brain.
  6. Describe how the quadrune mind relates to the developmental stages of the human brain.
  7. Understand how afflictions of the human brain may cause dissociations of the adult mind into overly independent “pre-Human” minds.
  8. Identify the three “pre-Human” mentalities by our reptilian-like, old mammalian-like, and new mammalian-like behaviors, emotions, and thoughts.
  9. Learn how to help heal the dissociations of the minds of ourselves and other people.
  10. Answer the question, “What is it like to be a Human being?”

Disclaimer: This material may be controversial for some people. Goals may not be fully achieved by shorter programs. No partial hours of professional education certificates, unless Board approved. No refunds for partial program attendance. Dr. Shadid resigned his Oklahoma Health Service Provider license a year after his retirement; therefore, he is not licensed to provide direct psychological services to the public. Presentations and workshops are intended solely for informational or educational purposes.