Study Guide

The Quadrune Mind Study Guide by Tom F. Shadid, Ph.D. provides an introduction to the quadrune mind model. The study guide highlights the key evolutionary and developmental traits of our four minds in an easy to digest format. It includes essential value statements as well as a helpful resource list.

Learn more about the quadrune mind model in advance of a workshop or presentation with Dr. Shadid by downloading the Quadrune Mind Study Guide.

To learn more about the Study Guide, including the development and meaning of its various sections, please read our blog post on the subject.

The resources section of the study guide provides a variety of recommended books, articles, videos, and other media to help us understand the quadrune mind model. Each of these resources resonates with the model in some way, and although they do not use quadrune mind labels, we believe that those familiar with the model will see elements of one or all of our four minds in these materials.